Yoga is Evolving!

Many decades have now passed since Yoga came to the West and our practice and knowledge has deepened with many creative and intelligent minds playing a part in its development.

A stage has been reached at which appropriate choices can be intelligently made in terms of styles and modes of practice.

This has proved so for me.

Mindfulness as Practice

My current ‘style’ of practice and teaching is an eclectic one and more recently has taken on two significant elements:-

  • A clearer and more explicit integration of the Buddha-Dharma into yoga practice,
  • The practice of ‘deep yoga’ in the form of Yin Yoga and Somatic meditations, both pioneered by current American teachers (Paul Grilley, Sarah Powers and Reginald Ray).

Yoga Classes and Workshops in Norfolk

My classes and workshops, whilst always attempting to offer a good element of physically dynamic practice, look to balance this with an exploration of our deeper physical body and of the many ever-subtler levels of pranic body and mind.